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Help Me With A House Concert

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To be determined!, Anchorage, Alaska, US


If you have EVER thought about hosting a house concert, I am here to explain why you absolutely MUST follow through with this urge.

House concerts are like an incredibly delicious ripe peach...they're SOOO tasty and you don't even notice how undeniably "healthy" they are.

House shows are the most fun and personal musical experiences, hands down. It really is as simple as combining a potluck and a 45-60 min show. You'd be surprised how many people you can fit in your living room. This is an ideal setting to listen to a singer/songwriter perform her (MY) songs. And YOUR living room is calling me!

So, email me! Call me! or trip me next time you see me. Let's plan a house concert! Laura Oden


Laura Oden

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