Alaskan Indie Songsmith

Laura Oden is an Anchorage-based Singer-Songwriter. After performing intermittently for nearly two decades, she reclaimed her guitar and her songwriting for good in 2010.

Laura was born in Oklahoma, grew up in New Jersey, went to college in Texas and spent ten years after in Washington, DC.  But, it was in 1994 that she found her home in Alaska. The allure of the awe-inspiring nature never gets old, but it’s the community of artists that she found in Anchorage that fulfills her soul — “where you find your people and, because of this, the river rises for everyone’s boat together.”

Like the artist, her music is inspired, giving, compassionate, raw, courageous and honest. Laura’s music is an outlet for the emotion, experience and insights of someone willing to go deep. Her geographical journey has brought her to vastness and nature in it’s beauty and brutality. Her spiritual and artistic journey is captured with these songs about taking responsibility for one’s own experience, experiencing the world with passion and an open heart, feeling deeply for loved one’s and family, and ultimately knowing that magic or Alchemy needed will appear when needed.

Community Work

Oden is an Anchorage based Singer Songwriter. In 2013 she released a debut CD titled “Alchemy”. Her songwriting style is simple, dangling haunting melodies and provocative lyrics for the listener to hook into. Laura is also a Founder and Director of the Anchorage Music Co-op. The Music Co-op is now in it's 4th year. Oden has produced 23 Artist Showcases, and an Under 21 Open Mic series and a large scale city wide creative placemaking project called An Urban Conflux. The Music Co-op has received widespread community support that includes both individual support as well as sponsorship from Alaska Public Media, KNBA, KONR, Spenard Jazzfest and The Anchorage Press.