Urban Conflux (AKA The Five/Thirty Project)

Five/Thirty: An Urban Conflux is a documentary directed by Rosey Robards  and produced by musicians Yngvil Vatn Guttu and Laura Oden, who also help narrate the events of May 30, 2015 when Five/Thirty: An Urban Conflux disrupted the lull of a regular Anchorage day to enliven and celebrate the city.  The event was part of Anchorage’s Centennial Celebration and an experiment of sorts. The experiment resulted in music as a catalyst for community; it created a convergence of people and music in public spaces. On the event day, all roads led to the public square at 6th and E, the documentary captures the conflux as it emerges, entices people and gives them an opportunity to break out of their routines. Vatn Guttu and Oden were able to orchestrate the monumental event and solicit the talent of well-known names in the music community.  If any viewers were around the various street corners, spaces, or buses, chances are they can be spotted joyfully frolicking in Five/Thirty: An Urban Conflux.